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Remember when some rich asshole came to little Italy to complain that his big ass boat couldn’t fit into the canal so then Italy proclaimed that only small boats could come into the canal. And then he tried to bribe Italy with candy and Italy took the candy but was all “Bitch I said no.”





so in LOTR’s appendices it says that legolas eventually builds a boat and takes gimli across the seas and into the west, the gray havens. you know, the place arwen isn’t allowed to go because she’s in love with a human dude bUT LEGOLAS (AKA ‘YOU LITTLE SHIT’) JUST SAYS “FUCK IT” AND SNEAKS GIMLI INTO THE GODDAMN UNDYING LANDS LIKE CONTRABAND TWIZZLERS INTO A MOVIE THEATER

best literary analysis ever

#do you think he just smuggled him inside in a really big suitcase #and the valar were all like ‘okay you know we can tell right’ #but they just didn’t have the heart #he went to all the trouble #so they just kind of shook their head and let it pass (via bookhobbit)

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makoto waving to his precious fans

Happy 7th birthday, Deathly Hallows!


one of many reasons i’m over 200 hours in and haven’t finished


one of many reasons i’m over 200 hours in and haven’t finished

I told you. All the men in my life die.
I’m not a man in your life, okay? You said so yourself. I’m a little shitpot.



Let’s go on an adventure.

this is beautiful

Bioshock - Arcadia 1/2


I will draw kawaii ass john all damn day and no one can stop me.

The beautiful Michael Palin, performing on the last night of ‘Monty Python Live (Mostly)’ at the O2 Arena — July 20, 2014