dave finally got his aj 


the drama cd is so cute~



January: The Tired Sock.  Mean and uptight. Steals things. 

February: The Broken Fork.  Eyes are too close together. Weird sense of humor. 

March: The Plastic Baggie. They could work harder, but they don’t. Also they all have that bizarre smell. You know. That smell. 

April: The Hazardous Tupperware. Does crimes when drunk. Tends to have lots of friends, weirdly enough. 

May: The Old Fruit Peel. Doesn’t ever tip enough. Probably also doesn’t call their family enough. 

June: The Used Tissue. Has never in their life had a flattering haircut. Also, they ate their twin in the womb. 

July: The Busted Headphones. Ugh. This guy. 

August: The Fragrant Pad. Borrows money and forgets to give it back. Mhm. Sure. ‘Forgets’. 

September: The Toilet Paper Roll. Cheats on tests and at mario kart. Will end valuable friendships over pointless arguments. 

October: The Invisible Ink Pen.  The best lover you could ever have. However, they have impossibly high standards.

November: The Chicken Bone. Pronounces ‘manga’ the wrong way no matter what. Even if you punch them in the neck. 

December: The Shower Clot. Their life is actually great but they still manage to be bitter about every little annoyance. Also, never stifles their farts as well as they think they do. 

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Bilbo Baggins.

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the terrors of the past don’t stop


troy and abed in a jaaaaaaaeger

F R E E ! Eternal Summer || End Cards 1-12 

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mischief managed. (listen) - (take it with you)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TERESA♥ queen of my heart and tlat enthusiast, i hope you have the most wonderful day. here’s to many more years of sharing our love of alina kovalenko, darling!!!

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we should stop putting our mbti types in our abouts and use our seme/uke types as seen by

like does it matter if ur an esfj or istp when no one has any idea if you might be a chibi seme or a flaming uke

# uwaaah
# dmmd


 Nakazawa  Masatomo (Clear’s voice actor) uploaded these on his Twitter! omg i’m gonna cry!!


I forgot this man runs around with eleventy tassels, a boob window, and a final fantasy sword strapped to his back.

(Oh and an on-the-go hairstyling set as well, I’m sure! He is a professional!)

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This is the proper reaction.

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