» so here’s the thing

I’m coming up on midterms’ week over here/am currently in the thick of it, and tumblr isn’t exactly helping me get shit done in the scheme of a life in which I already have atrocious time-management skills. So in the unlikely event that any of y’all are wondering why (/notice that/vaguely care that/had a bet going as to why) I’m not going to be around too much in the next week, I’ve decided to give you a heads-up as to the situation. I’ll probably still check my inbox (because I have a problem), so fear not, I shall still answer the call should the hallowed streets of my website need me.
What am I even talking about. Okay, see you guys in like a week? (Seriously, if you see me around before then, send me passive-aggressive messages about how well I am taking advantage of my educational opportunities until I cry or something).